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Ben Cosgrove: "Salt" Release

Ben Cosgrove's record "Salt" is available online 


I’m happy to announce that I’ve got a new record coming out later this spring. It’s called Salt, it’s a bit shorter and quieter than my other albums, and all the music on it is about liminal landscapes — places at the edge of things, where the relationship between water and land is sometimes ambiguous. I wrote the bulk of these songs a while ago, during a fairly rough and disorienting time, and I found it helpful and (ironically) grounding to be working on music about places where instability and flux are normal, and where the ground tends to come and go. So these songs are about ice roads, tidal estuaries, salt marshes, floodplains, places where earthquakes happen, ocean travel, and that kind of thing. In one sense the record is all about a very specific type of landscape, but in a broader one, it’s really about finding ballast in difficult situations, which I think just about everyone has had to do at some point.

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