Green Roster is a community of music industry businesses dedicated to upholding environmental practices.


The Green Roster program brings together musicians, studios and luthiers who care about the environment, and pledge to conduct their business in a way that strives for greater sustainability. Green Roster members are designated as such on our website, and through their use of the Sustain Green Roster Member stamp. This stamp unites a community of environmentally minded members of the music industry and facilitates partnerships between Green Roster members. The Green Roster project is a source for sharing knowledge on green practices, and for promoting environmental consciousness in the music industry.


  • To increase environmentally conscious business practices within the music industry
  • To unite like-minded music industry members
  • To make it easy for environmentally-conscious audiences to support Green Roster members
  • To educate the music industry about best environmental practices
  • To foster innovation in green music technology and touring practices
  • To facilitate business between Green Roster members

How it works

Green Roster members take a pledge respective to their business: bands, luthiers, or recording studios. Besides the pledge, they must also uphold environmental practices specific to their business. Each member sets Annual Green Goals for improving their sustainability, and their performance is reviewed annually by Sustain. Sustain realizes that not all businesses have the resources to adopt the best available technologies (e.g. biodiesel tour buses, 100% solar-powered workshops, etc.) so all goals are tailored to the capacity of the member's business.

As long as members are in good standing, they can use the Green Roster stamp on their websites, on their merchandise, and in their studio or workshop. Sustain is working to build brand recognition with consumers, and also developing connections between members so that they can support each other.

What’s the Catch?

Being a Green Roster member is FREE! However we do require all of our members to put in the time to uphold their responsibilities, strive for their environmental business goals, and to promote the Green Roster community to their fans. Sustain needs each member to appoint a contact point person who is responsible for corresponding with Sustain. Not only does Sustain need to know what members' Annual Green Goals are, we also need to know about all the great things our members are doing! We want to share the word with our audiences about Green Roster member accomplishments (both environmental ones and musical ones). The more buzz Sustain and Green Roster members can create about a greener music industry, the more support we can gain from consumers, and of course, the more positive impact we can make for nature. 

Why be a Green Roster Member?

A lot of music industry members are already conducting business in an environmentally friendly way, and it's pretty easy to start taking steps if you haven't already. The changes don't have to be massive and often times you save money. Sustain wants to bring recognition to the bands, luthiers and studios who have taken it upon themselves to practice business with respect for nature. By joining Green Roster you'll benefit from: 

  • Showing the world that you value the environment and you're leading the music industry into a more environmentally responsible future.
  • Belonging to a network of music industry members who all care about the environment and are willing to support each other. 
  • The use of the Green Roster brand. Sustain is working to get the word out about Green Roster so that consumers will know what the logo represents, and will be willing to seek out Green Roster products and music. 
  • Exposure to Sustain's greater audience and partner organizations.
  • Learning what steps you can take to improve your sustainability, and sharing that knowledge with other members.
  • A quarterly newsletter that highlights member accomplishments and their green work.

Each category of Green Roster member (band, luthier, recording studio) comes with its unique set of responsibilities and perks. Visit the pages below to learn more about the specifics.

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