Songscape songwriting retreats create direct partnerships between land agencies and musicians. Through the hospitality of host environmental organizations, artists are immersed in the beauty and history of protected lands. Bands use this retreat time to create a song inspired by the land and their experiences. The song is then donated to the host organization and used to inspire and encourage others to value these landscapes. Proceeds from song sales help support Sustain and public lands.


  • To engage musicians with American landscapes and the organizations that steward them

  • To give musicians the time and space to be inspired by these landscapes

  • For environmental organizations to collect a catalogue of songs that can be used to further their missions

  • For bands and organizations to share talents and audiences

  • To inspire listeners and foster environmental ethics

  • To create new, often young, audiences for public lands

Songscape Projects & Artists


Songscape: Katahdin Woods & Waters Recreation Area with Parsonsfield

In Process:

Songscape: Great Mountain Forest with Jake Klar

Songscape: Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge with River Whyless

Songscape Music Videos

Songscapes also include creation of a music video, which shows off the band's new Songscape song, and the natural features and recreation opportunities of the public land area.

Get Involved

Right now, Sustain is working to build relationships with bands, land organizations (land trusts, non-profits and government agencies), and recording studios. If you are interested in being part of Songscapes, please contact us!