Sustain could not exist without your support. As a new nonprofit organization, your donations are crucial to making Songscapes & Green Roster happen. We're 100% volunteer-run so your donations go straight to music and nature!

Sustain Music & Nature Inc is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. We will send you receipt of all donations made for your tax purposes. See our IRS certification here. We're also on Guidestar.

Regular Giving - Sustainers

Join the Sustainer Community and support music and nature every month! Learn more about the perks of joining HERE.

Donate by Amazon

You can also help us out by doing your shopping through Set Sustain Music and Nature as your charity, and then whenever you do your Amazon shopping through the web address, Sustain will get 0.5% from the purchases you make! Free for you, good for us.

Donate By Check

If you'd prefer, send your donation check (made out to Sustain Music and Nature) to:

Sustain Music and Nature, 619 S. College Ave., Unit #11, Fort Collins, CO 80524

Donate By Crowdfunder

Having a birthday and don't want any gifts? Consider asking your friends to donate to us instead! You can easily set up a Facebook Fundraiser which will allow folks to donate whatever amount they'd like. E-mail us if you need help, and let us know so we can spread the word!


Here's a few things we'd love to have to help move our organization forward!

  • Enough funding to work full time on Sustain (Critical to Sustain's long term future)
  • GoPro camera to collect Songscape footage
  • Donation database software
  • App development expertise

Recording interface and microphones to create podcasts- Donated by Me Woke Music's founder, Peter Ingersoll! New podcast series coming soon!


Get in contact with the organization and its co-founders:





Our board is based in Colorado, NYC, DC, Nashville and Boston.


Sustain Music and Nature, 619 S. College Ave, Unit #11, Fort Collins, CO 80524



Banner photo © Marie McKowen.