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What is a Songscape?

America’s public lands belong to us. Yet they’re under increasing attack and at risk of being privatized and drilled to death. Songscapes combat this threat by creating new fans for public lands, who will stand up for their lands.

How? Through the emotional power and cultural influence of music. We send bands to public lands for week long retreats. They create a song inspired by their experiences and we shoot a music video to show off these incredible places. Songscapes celebrate public lands and spread that joy to new audiences through bands’ fan bases. Plus, song proceeds help support Sustain, the band and our public land partners!

Why take the Songscape approach to protecting public lands? Because music reaches Everyone. Everywhere. With Emotion. By partnering with bands we can reach folks who otherwise don’t pay attention to public lands, or maybe don’t even know they exist. If voters don’t know or care about public lands, we’re going to lose them. Watch our Songscape videos below, purchase the songs and donate! We’ve reached over 7 million new public land fans in the past 3 years. Help us grow those fans!


  • To engage musicians with American landscapes and the organizations that steward them

  • To give musicians the time and space to be inspired by these landscapes

  • For bands and organizations to share talents and audiences

  • To inspire listeners and foster appreciation of public lands

  • To create new audiences for public lands

  • To raise money for partners through song sales

Songscape Projects & Artists



We've got three Songscapes in the works, depending on funding. One in Texas, one in New Jersey, and another in Colorado.


Purchase Songscapes & Support Public Lands

Proceeds from Songscape Songs support Sustain, Public Lands and Artists. Click the links to purchase on Bandcamp!

Songscape Music Videos

Songscapes also include creation of a music video, which shows off the band's new Songscape song, and the natural features and recreation opportunities of the public land area.

So we DIY’d this one if you couldn’t tell…

Get Involved

Right now, Sustain is working to build relationships with bands, land organizations (land trusts, non-profits and government agencies), and recording studios. If you are interested in being part of Songscapes, please contact us!

Are you a band with a large following? We’d love to do a Songscape with you! Forward this to your management: Songscapes for Bands PDF.