Songscape: Katahdin Woods & Waters Recreation Area

October 11-15, 2015

Song Released: February 2, 2016

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** President Obama declared KWWRA a National Monument on August 24, 2016!! It's probably this song that convinced him, right? **

Sustain's first Songscape songwriting retreat was held at Katahdin Woods & Waters Recreation Area with folk-rock band Parsonsfield. In October of 2015, the landscape that inspired Henry David Thoreau's The Maine Woods was the inspiration for Parsonsfield to write a (hopefully!) equally timeless song, KTAADN. KWWRA generously hosted the band for a week of hiking, campfires, off-the-grid living, and songwriting. We even made a music video featuring the band in a canoe! On November 9, Green Roster Studio Dirt Floor, donated studio time to record the band's KWWRA-inspired song. In return for KWWRA's hospitality, Parsonsfield donated the final song to them to use in their marketing materials. The song, KTAADN, is also available for purchase on Parsonsfield's website and proceeds will be split between the band, KWWRA, and Sustain.

Please visit HERE for an extended discussion on this project and our partners and HERE for details on our studio recording day.


         The song is released for listening and buying! Go get it on the Parsonsfield website HERE! It's only $1.00!

KWWRA's Marketing Video with KTAADN

Songscape: KWWRA Gallery