The Giving Tree Band

With nothing to prove and only something sincere to share, The Giving Tree Band love what they do and approach their craft like a sacred art.  This includes tuning all their instruments precisely sharp in order to access hidden yet wonderfully potent tones that trace back to an ancient mythology of healing and miracles.  Their musical strings vibrate in alignment with natural cycles of the Earth and Moon, and this frequency of love and message of harmony resonates the heart strings of many thousands of people from all walks of life. 

The band lives together simply in one home as one family with one main tour van that runs on diesel and bio-diesel fuel. Nearly all waste is recycled or composted. The recording studio is also in their home and was constructed by members of the band with an efficient design from recycled and reclaimed materials and sustainable bamboo. All the emissions from energy use in their home, along with global energy use associated with their websites, is carbon offset with investments in renewable wind power. Most of the band’s instruments were hand-crafted in an eco-friendly manner. The band is also growing organic food in the backyard garden. "

Green Roster Band

Green Roster Member Since: September 2015

This band has some serious environmental accomplishments. Visit their website's Eco page to learn more. Highlights include:

  • Recording an album at the carbon neutral, LEED platinum Aldo Leopold Legacy Center. Only solar power was used, and the band commuted in to record 10 miles via bike from a nearby campground. Dubbed the "greenest of albums" byt he Chicago Sun-Times.
  • Offsetting emissions from the band home and website.
  • Diesel/Bio-diesel tour van.
  • Growing their own food in the band house garden.
  • Playing environmentally conscious instruments.
  • Helped reduce waste dramatically at the 49th Philly Folk Fest.
  • Regular lecture series at grade schools and colleges about green living and music.