Jake Klar


Hometown: Northampton, MA

“Rhythm and groove, grit and honesty, Klar’s music is part of the new Americana synergy that infuses rock and pop sensibilities with folk sincerity. His music seeks to turn a simple tune into something that connects us to both the stories and emotions that make our experiences worth remembering."

"Klar’s latest offering, Crescent St. Blues, is a collection of songs inspired by a 4-year journey through the contemporary American landscape. It explores the inner workings of everyday characters trying to find their way in an ever-changing world. It speaks of humanity and hardships, love and happiness, and searching for the good within the bad. It’s a record about picking yourself up, dusting yourself off, and getting right back in the fight.”

Green Roster Band

Joined: April 2016

Eco Practices

Jake Klar has already been upholding environmental practices as a band, including:

  • Hand printed and reused CD packaging.
  • Using reusable water bottles.
  • Supports local food.

Annual Green Goals

Here are the goals that Jake Klar has set for greening his upcoming year:

  • Won't throw out a single used guitar string! All will be recycled or sent to a string artist.
  • Visit 5 National Parks, and create a tour based around those park visits.
  • Update the hospitality rider to say not to provide bottled water.

Favorite Public Lands

Big Bend National Park!

Jake Klar is also participated in Songscape: Great Mountain Forest, creating a new song inspired by the landscape. Learn more here.