New Green Roster Luthier: Tim Sway Perspectives

New Green Roster Luthier! Tim Sway Perspectives

Tim Sway's mission is to "make nice things for nice people out of things that would otherwise be thrown away."

"After a 15+ year career as a performing, recording and teaching musician, I recently "retired" from being a full-time musician to spend more time making things out of reclaimed, upcycled and salvaged materials- and to spend more time with my family and less time in band flop houses! I often make things out of discarded instruments and instruments out of discarded things. One of my long-term goals is to make high quality, sustainable, handmade instruments from locally sourced and reclaimed materials that are affordable for working class musicians-like myself." -Tim Sway

This environmentally conscious luthier makes beautiful guitars and innovative guitar stands, among his many other upcycled products (like a pinball machine desk!). Check out his awesome youtube channel, facebook, and website for more information.