Songscape: KWWRA Song Release on Feb. 2

Guess what! You'll be able to listen to and purchase the very first Songscape song, KTAADN, on February 2nd!

The Songscape was held this past October in Maine at Katahdin Woods & Waters Recreation Area with Americana Folk Rock band, Parsonsfield. The band spent a week in the shadow of Mount Katahdin, enjoying all the land had to offer and using their experience to write a song inspired by the landscape.

Katahdin Woods & Waters Recreation Area encompasses 100,000 acres, managed by a Maine foundation, Elliotsville Plantation, Inc. It's open to the public and is working to become America's next National Park. Sustain and Parsonsfield were deeply impressed by the land and people of KWWRA and are excited to share this Songscape song, KTAADN, with the world.

Proceeds from sales of KTAADN will support Parsonsfield, Sustain and Katahdin Woods & Waters Recreation Area.

Sustain also thanks Greg Dyson, of Green Roster band Hanging Hills, for donating his graphic art skills to create this album cover.

Check out Parsonsfield HERE and Katahdin Woods & Waters HERE.