Sustainer's Community Supports Our Work

Today we're announcing a new community which will hopefully bring a bright future for Sustain!

The Sustainer's Community of supporters donate to Sustain on a monthly basis. Sustainers are passionate about music and nature, and their support will help us do more Songscapes, expand Green Roster, and exist as a nonprofit! As a young organization, we don't have the financial stability that established groups like The Nature Conservancy or WWF have. We don't have funds that we can rely on. Sustainers help change that. By having a reliable estimate of donations coming in, we can better plan and execute our work to make music a force for nature. Your support really does have an impact!

Sustainers don't just send money to Sustain. They're an integral part of our work as we plan future Songscapes. They're also part of a community. Every Sustainer receives behind-the-scenes content and videos, perks, and invites to quarterly parties in Colorado. Sustainers are also members of a secret Sustainer's Community FaceBook group online, where they can connect with our co-founders and fellow members who are passionate about music and nature.

Every $20 donation a month helps us expose 20,857 people to Songscapes and our beautiful public lands. For every 30 Sustainers annually donating $20 a month, we can fund a new Songscape!

Learn more and join HERE.