• Pursue environmentally sound practices in the workplace

  • Use sustainably sourced materials 

  • Support Green Roster Members
  • Stay informed on new environmental developments in the music industry

  • Make an effort to minimize the carbon footprint of my business

  • Share the Vision of Sustain with the music industry

Member Responsibilities

As an accountable member of Green Roster, we require a few things that let us know that you're actively following the Green Roster Pledge. Generally, we'll need:

  •  A baseline assessment of your business' current environmental practices.
  • What goals you have for improving your shop’s sustainability in the coming year. Sustain will work with you to come up with Annual Green Goals that work for the size and scale of your shop.
  • A list of suppliers of quality, environmentally conscious materials and parts that can become part of our Green Roster luthiers knowledge base.
  • Display of the Green Roster stamp in your shop, on your website, on product packaging, and at your booth if you're selling at an event.
  • Quarterly submission of a short video showcasing one of your green products, or the green features of your shop.
  • Offer discounts (of your choosing) to other Green Roster members.
  • Get the word out about Sustain to your audiences! We need you to make a social media post mentioning Sustain/Green Roster at least once a month.

Sustain conducts an annual review of its Green Roster members to make sure they are upholding the pledge and their responsibilities. The review will occur about a year out from when you join Green Roster.

Member perks

Green Roster isn't just all work and no play! Here are some of the benefits of joining:

  • Showing the world that you value the environment and that you're leading the music industry into a more environmentally responsible future.
  • Belonging to a network of music industry members who all care about the environment and are willing to support each other.
  • The use of the Green Roster stamp. Sustain is working to get the word out about Green Roster so that consumers will know what the logo represents, and will be willing to seek out Green Roster products and music.
  • Exposure to Sustain's greater audience and partner organizations.
  • Learning what steps you can take to improve your sustainability.
  • A list of green suppliers pooled from Green Roster luthier members.
  • A list of artists who will accept any scrap materials you may have for repurposing.
  • A quarterly newsletter that highlights member accomplishments and their green work.
  • Guest passes to Green Roster band shows when possible (One pass per band per year).
  • Select free song downloads from Green Roster bands.
  • Should you choose to let Sustain borrow one of your pieces for a short time, Sustain will promote your products at festivals and other events. We'll also have printed materials about all of our luthiers at festivals.
  • Opportunities to partner with recording studios so musicians can try out your products when recording.
  • Your own feature page on the Sustain website that covers the green work your shop is doing.

How it works

Contact us below, and if we think you're a good fit, we'll set up a phone call with you so everyone can get to know each other better. We will send you a pledge sheet to sign, and a link to a questionnaire. As part of the questionnaire, you will do a baseline assessment of the green things your shop is already doing, and what could stand to be improved. We'll also work with you to develop your Annual Green Goals, so that we can identify how Sustain can help, and so that we can review your progress the following year. After the joining process is complete, we will announce your membership and we will provide you with the stamp files and stickers.

As for media, once a month we require you to make a social media post that somehow ties in Sustain or Green Roster. Once a quarter, we'll ask for a short video submission showcasing your green products and studio.

Interested? Fill out the form below and we'll contact you to set up a call.

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