Katahdin Woods & Waters Declared National Monument!

Our first Songscape location has just been declared a National Monument by President Obama!

Last autumn, we sent folk-rock band, Parsonsfield, up to Katahdin Woods & Waters Recreation Area in central Maine. The band spent a week off-the-grid, learning about the local history, hiking, star-gazing and canoeing the same rivers as Thoreau. They used their experiences, and the beauty of the Maine Woods as inspiration to write KTAADN. KTAADN, using Thoreau's spelling of Maine's highest peak, celebrates the human desire to test one's limits by hiking the tallest mountains. You can listen, and purchase the song at: http://parsonsfield.bandcamp.com/track/ktaadn

Take a peak at the rivers and lands that have just become property of all U.S. citizens in our KTAADN music video featuring Parsonsfield making music in a canoe.

Thank you President Obama for declaring Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument! It is a great addition to our public land heritage.