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KTAADN Music Video Release

We gave you a peek at Parsonsfield performing in a canoe a few weeks ago, but today you can see the KTAADN music video in its entirety! The latest Songscape song is even more meaningful when you can see the experiences and landscape that inspired Parsonsfield during the Songscape: Katahdin Woods & Waters Recreation Area retreat. Check out this music video to see the band in action in the woods and waters that might become America's next national park.

Additionally, please do consider purchasing the song HERE, as proceeds will help us bring you more Songscapes in the future!

This song, KTAADN, and its music video, are the product of Sustain's Songscape program. Songscapes partner bands with public land organizations for a week of outdoors-inspired songwriting. The band creates a song influenced by their experiences and the landscape, and donates it to their host land group.